What others are saying about spirit guide readings

I felt like the spirit guides really did know me and I resonated with the description of their energy. I felt very taken care of when I received the reading and every day after. I have been confused in recent years and this reading provided some of the clarity I was looking for and confirmed that I am on the right path and I always have been. It helped me to see me more clearly. There was a detail mentioned about New Jersey that may have seemed random but to me it was SO meaningful. That was a very cool moment and a good sign for me to continue a connection I have with specific people in New Jersey.

Hannah D.

Seriously looooove the audio recording. Words on a page don’t always capture the vibration of power. Your voice totally does!

Zorahgail B.

Wow Christina! Thank you for the lovely reading. I felt such a connection to what you and my guides said.

Deborah S.

I first read the report, then went to the Google Doc, and finally listened to your interpretation. I really enjoyed the personal touch with that voice recording. In spite of hearing the information for the third time, it felt richer and also enjoyed the extra nuggets that came through.

Alan A.

I think it was just really comforting to hear this: ‘In regards to all the things, you cannot do it right; you cannot do it wrong. This is true in all ways.’ And this: ‘You are allowed to love and to be loved and to be love.

Jess L.

I felt that I was better able to connect to the energy around me and as well as myself. By receiving guidance related to my concerns, I was able to refocus myself and be more at peace and present.

Lauren M.

It was interesting to receive the reading as documents and audio. I got different things from the experiences—both were powerful. There is something about being able to process the information on my own time, in my own way, and only through my own senses that I like.

Miki J.

Absolutely loved your comments and explanations. You are totally spot on and it helped tremendously to understand the words of the guides. Of course it was such a great thing to have to formulate the questions first! Made me go within and actually understand what it was I wanted more clarity about….It was such a wonderfully professional and top level experience, from the beginning till the end. Loved it….Super professional, delivered in highest quality, the whole package: the audio, the pdf, the explanation and the survey. So beautiful and elegant.

Alla P.

Listening to the audio, it felt like we were taking on the phone, but with the extra bonus to be able to pause it to take notes, many notes! Having the interactive Google doc is also definitely a great addition.I felt really excited to write the comments, and it's lovely to receive answers!...You have a real gift, and although we don't know each other, I'm really happy for you that you developed it and that you are sharing it with the world...One day, maybe I will be able to do it too, but this reading has definitely given me hope, and for that, I'm really grateful!

Mylene D.

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