Ready to book your spirit guide reading?

Here’s the deal:

I’m currently all booked up with spirit guide readings at the standard rate of $175.

While I’m delighted that this is the case (so much love and light and wisdom and guidance going out to so many wonderful humans!), I also hate to turn people away.

So, two choices:

(1) Patience, patience. (aka, join the waiting list.)

Submit your email and name and I’ll let you know as soon as more $175 readings are available.

(2) Hurry, hurry. (aka, there’s a rush rate.)

If you really don’t want to wait, submit your email and name and you can receive your reading within 72 hours at the rush rate of $250.

Thank you, thank you.

I am working on ways to better accommodate greater demand, and in the meantime, I am deeply grateful to have the “problem” of being booked.

And regardless of whether we work together now, later, or never, please know that I wish you well, and you are always welcome to email me at christina[at]

Love > fear,