Work With A Spiritual Professional

I’m Christina Bryza, a writer, editor, and communications professional who is also highly sensitive and able to connect with spiritual energy in a concrete way. Here’s some stuff you might like to know:

From mainstream media to meditation

I graduated cum laude from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and spent the next decade climbing the ladder in commercial publishing. While I was busy fact checking magazine articles, copyediting bestselling books, and helping authors market themselves and their work, I was also developing a passion for self-care, yoga, meditation, and metaphysics. Eventually, my spiritual study and practice led to a greater understanding of myself and my life purpose. And, well, here we are.

How I honed my skills

I got certified as a yoga instructor in 2011, then took specialized trainings to work with kids, teens, and traumatized populations, and then I taught in shelters. Along the way I read a LOT, received all sorts of energy attunements, established a daily meditation and prayer practice, and stopped using drugs and alcohol. To prepare for the publication of my first book, I decided to study entrepreneurship and crossed paths with Erin-Ashley Kerti, founder of Spiritual Mechanic and my eventual mentor. With her training, I learned how to deeply align with my intuition and raise my vibration in order to communicate directly with spirit guides...and then how to connect with yours.

Some things I do rather well

I have the gift of clairaudience, which means I receive energetic information through language, which means the messages that come through in spirit guide readings are precise, clear, and actionable. (No crystal balls or fortune telling here!) As a seasoned communications professional who has spent a lot of time offering feedback to sensitive people, I know how to be both kind and candid when sharing important information. I care about my community, my country, and my planet and am committed to doing what I can to help us all heal, from the inside out.

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