What the heck are spirit guide readings?

First off, let’s acknowledge that you have spirit guides.

Whether you’re thinking “I knew it!” or “no way,” I assure you this is true.

The great news is that, just like gravity, you don’t have to believe in your spirit guides for them to exist and support you.

The better news is that, if you choose to acknowledge and appreciate the existence of your spirit guides, your life can feel calmer and easier.

Everyone’s spirit guides are different.

They’re essentially a custom god squad you self-selected back before you became human, if you can believe it (and it’s totally fine if you can’t).

Most often the posse consists of angels or ancestors, and in my experience there is usually a leader of the pack. (Mine is a goddess-type character I call Lyria, and she told me I can imagine her in a toga if I find it helpful. Which I do.)

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Given that spirit guides exist and that their job is to help your higher self achieve your life purpose, it makes sense to connect with them as directly as possible for guidance and advice.

You can definitely do this on your own—I learned how from an online course.* And once I began regularly making contact with my guides, my life began to change rather drastically for the better.

I became able to accept the truth that my romantic relationship was toxic. Within a month I gained the courage to move out—and got specific assurance that the apartment I had in mind was a safe and wise selection.

It took me a little longer to officially break up with my partner, and every step along the way my spirit guides offered kind suggestions and support. They gently pointed me in the right direction without ever pushing me to act beyond my ability.

A couple times, I straight-up ignored their advice, and that was okay too.

I’ve come to understand that spirit guides are sort of like a GPS...they’ll tell you the most effective way to get where you want to go, and if you take a different turn, they’ll reroute the directions, no problem.

Because although you do have a life purpose, and will therefore consistently be pointed toward it, you also have free will.

You are in the driver’s seat of this wild and precious life, and you are consequently responsible for your actions.

So what actions might serve you best?

Your spirit guides can tell you, if you’d like to listen.

Also, I can listen for you.

Shortly after I officially ended that unhealthy relationship and began shifting my spirit guide meditations toward other topics, I started telling friends about my newfound ability to connect directly with love and light—and to receive full-on paragraphs of deliberately worded guidance.

People wanted to know: Can you do that for me?

Turns out, the answer is yes.

Your custom spirit guide reading is a few clicks away.(Click here to make that number smaller.)

How spirit guide readings work:

+ When you agree to receive a spirit guide reading from me, you give your own guides permission to speak with me on your behalf. Because my primary psychic gift is clairaudience (meaning I hear words rather than, say, see visions, which would be clairvoyance), there is very little need for interpretation on my part.

Basically, I transcribe the messages your guides would tell you directly if you put in the practice required to align with their frequency.

Then I take those messages and wrap them up in a pretty package—one that includes care instructions, an interactive document where you can comment and ask questions, and an audio recording for your listening pleasure.

Once you receive your spirit guide reading, I’m available for follow-up questions—and you’re more available to live your life with ease and joy (for real).

Sound good? Book your reading now.

So, yeah, that’s the gist.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at christina[at]goldenglance.com, and no matter what, know that I’m wishing you joy and peace.

Love > fear,

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*If you, too, want to learn from the online course that taught me how to connect with my spirit guides, please do me a solid and use this very link. (I have teamed up with its lovely creator as an affiliate, which means I get much-appreciated monetary credit for anyone I refer.)