Could You Use a Mental Cleanse?

Relieve anxiety, uncertainty, and fear without relying on your therapist, the gym, or Netflix.

Discover how connecting with spirit guides (yes, they’re a thing) can help you receive custom reassurance, feel more confident, and stop second-guessing yourself.

What You Get In This Free, Downloadable Guide:

  • A clear explanation of spirit guides, from the perspective of a skilled journalist
  • A breakdown of how spirit guides fit in with all belief systems, including atheism
  • Examples of actual messages received from spirit guide connections
  • A step-by-step process for making a spirit guide connection of your own
  • A question vault of more than 65 tried-and-true queries ready for your use

Clear Questions. Actionable Results. Better Life.

You know the warm feeling you get after a long talk with a good friend?
Imagine that + undeniably solid advice every time.

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Curious what it’s like to receive a spirit guide reading?

What Clients Are Saying:

Honestly, it was nice to think that there is someone or multiple someones/beings looking out for me who have my back and think I’m great. That alone was really useful and has generally boosted me since the reading.

Melanie M.

Your gift is astonishing and I'm so blessed to have received your time and communication with my guides!

Lauren W.

I loved how loving and supportive it was... It made me well up with emotion and then burst into happy tears.

Nicole G.

Insights + action = impact.

Clients Are Getting These Results:

  • Concrete recommendations for making important decisions
  • Actionable advice for dealing with distress and uncertainty
  • Nuanced insights that improve personal relationships
  • Specific references to the past that create reassurance for the future

How the Spirit Guide Reading process works:

  • 1

    You book a spirit guide reading

    Once you book a spirit guide reading, you get access to a brief but detailed intake survey, where you share your desired questions and related specifics, hopes, concerns, etc.

  • 2

    We talk (if you want)

    You have the option of a complimentary phone consultation with me to discuss your intake survey and get further clarity on your desires and expectations, as well as to address any questions you may have about the process.

  • 3

    I connect with your guides

    While you go on with your life, I fine-tune your questions, meditate my way into the upper realms, connect with your spirit guides, and communicate with them on your behalf. I take notes on everything I receive and experience while I'm up there, and then I report back.

  • 4

    I prepare your package

    I compile my notes and experiences from your reading and prepare a comprehensive package for your review, including a custom audio recording and an interactive doc where you can leave comments and ask questions.

  • 5

    You receive your reading package

    You receive an email with a PDF of your reading package—along with guidelines for how to process it and links to your custom audio file and interactive doc.

  • 6

    You get follow-up and aftercare

    After you've had some time to absorb the contents of your reading (usually a day or two), you fill out the aftercare survey so I can follow up if there are any lingering issues. I also respond to any questions you leave in your interactive doc as you go on to implement the insights and recommendations from your reading.

Discover the benefits firsthand

Here’s what you get with your reading:

  • Initial Consultation

    Talking to me before I connect with your guides helps you receive the most effective results. While not required, this brief convo allows for greater clarity and connection.

  • Detailed Documentation

    Your personalized PDF includes verbatim messages from your guides. It also includes a link to your custom audio recording, and a link to an interactive doc with more info and context.

  • Custom Audio

    In your custom audio file, I describe what it was like to connect with your guides. I then read you their exact messages, word for word. And then I go back through and share more details, like extra suggestions or hidden meanings.

  • Aftercare Communication

    Your interactive document is the best place to leave comments and questions that I’ll respond to. Your aftercare survey is also an opportunity for more follow-up. And of course you can always email me anytime.

Are you ready for a spirit guide reading? They’re not for everyone—so check out these guidelines.

You’ll Benefit Most from a Reading If:

  • You think a lot—and you wouldn’t mind thinking a little less (or being a little more)
  • You like words and are able to appreciate the nuances of language
  • You’re open to the idea that energy can affect you
  • You believe it’s important to invest in yourself, your relationships, and your career

Now May Not Be the Right Time If:

  • You aren’t willing to try something new or do anything different
  • You’re 100% convinced there is no way spiritual energy exists
  • You aren’t able to make the financial investment and still pay your bills
  • You're not open to receiving concrete information about your needs, desires, or hopes

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