Get my eyes on your prize.

As a lifelong writer with more than fifteen years of professional publishing, editing, and marketing experience, I’m expertly equipped to proofread your website, fine-tune your copy, or advise you on promotional strategy.

But I’m also a daily meditator and certified yoga instructor with a solid track record of growth, healing, and sobriety, and I’d rather help you edit your life. Your spirit guides feel the same way.

Spirit guides?

Yep, spirit guides. Turns out they’re a thing—and they’ve got specific wisdom to offer you.

Or as I call it, “custom communication.”

Claim your prize

You've got something you want—or some way you want to feel.

That’s your prize, and you deserve to have it. With the right understanding you can get it for yourself, but if you want to speed the process along, I’m happy to help.

I’m training to formally expand my skill set from editing words to editing energy, and I’m accepting volunteers for free readings and healings.

So if you’re even a little curious to learn more, submit your email below and I’ll get in touch with more details.

Either way, please know this: Everything is okay.

Love > fear,

Christina [at]

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