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You already know life is full of risks. Also, change is inevitable. Rather than resisting the winds, why not adjust your sails? If you want anything to be different, you will probably have to act. And with assurance that you’re on the right path (or guidance for how to get there), you can feel fantastic about taking action. So what actions might serve you best? Your spirit guides can tell you, if you’d like to listen.

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Ready to hear what your spirit guides have to say?

  • I loved how loving and supportive it was... It made me well up with emotion and then burst into happy tears.
    Nicole G.
  • Your gift is astonishing and I'm so blessed to have received your time and communication with my guides!
    Lauren W.
  • Wow Christina! Thank you for the lovely reading. I felt such a connection to what you and my guides said.
    Deborah S.

See How It Works

Want an overview of the spirit guide reading process that’s highly visual and takes less than two minutes? This vid’s for you.

  • I first read the report, then went to the Google Doc, and finally listened to your interpretation. I really enjoyed the personal touch with that voice recording. In spite of hearing the information for the third time, it felt richer, and I also enjoyed the extra nuggets that came through.
    Alan A.
  • Seriously looooove the audio recording. Words on a page don’t always capture the vibration of power. Your voice totally does!
    Zoraghail B.
  • Honestly, it was nice to think that there is someone or multiple someones/beings looking out for me who have my back and think I’m great. That alone was really useful and has generally boosted me since the reading.
    Melanie M.

What a spirit guide reading includes:

When you book a spirit guide reading, you first get access to a brief and engaging intake survey, where you get to share what's on your mind and ask the top three questions you want addressed. Then I compile your questions, meditate my way into the higher realm, and connect with your guides. I take notes on everything that happens while I'm up there, and then I report back.

With your reading package you'll receive:

A PDF that you can open anywhere, anytime, with instructions for best practices and unfiltered feedback directly from your guides

A link to an audio file that contains verbatim messages from your guides, along with additional context and commentary from me

A link to an interactive document with customized insights and commentary where you can leave questions and reactions I'll respond to

Once you receive your report, you’re encouraged to reflect on your experience, leave feedback in your interactive doc, and fill out an aftercare survey. The information in your reading typically remains relevant for 1–3 months (or however long it takes for you to implement the suggested actions).

Work With A Spiritual Professional

Wondering who you’re working with? I’m Christina, and while this work really isn’t about me, there’s probably still some stuff you might like to know:

From mainstream media to meditation

I graduated cum laude from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and spent the next decade climbing the ladder in commercial publishing. While I was busy fact checking magazine articles, copyediting bestselling books, and helping authors market themselves and their work, I was also developing a passion for self-care, yoga, meditation, and metaphysics. Eventually, my spiritual study and practice led to a greater understanding of myself and my life purpose. And, well, here we are.

How I honed my skills

I got certified as a yoga instructor in 2011, then took specialized trainings to work with kids, teens, and traumatized populations, and then I taught in shelters. Along the way I read a LOT, received Reiki attunement, established a daily meditation and prayer practice, and stopped using drugs and alcohol. To prepare for the publication of my first book, I decided to study entrepreneurship and crossed paths with Erin-Ashley Kerti, founder of Spiritual Mechanic and my eventual mentor. With her training, I learned how to deeply align with my intuition and raise my vibration in order to communicate directly with spirit guides...and then how to connect with yours.

Some things I do rather well

I have the gift of clairaudience, which means I receive energetic information through language, which means the messages that come through in spirit guide readings are precise, clear, and actionable. (No crystal balls or fortune telling here!) As a seasoned communications professional who has spent a lot of time offering feedback to sensitive people, I know how to be both kind and candid when sharing important information. I care about my community, my country, and my planet and am committed to doing what I can to help us all heal, from the inside out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be present for my reading?

You do not! My communication happens directly with your spirit guides, who you give me permission to connect with when you book a reading. (If you were present, you would probably get quite bored watching me meditate.)

How long does it take for me to receive my reading?

Standard spirit guide readings are delivered within two weeks of completing your intake survey (and sometimes sooner). Rush readings are delivered within 72 hours of survey completion.

What if I want to ask more than three questions?

Posing three significant queries tends to prompt plenty of actionable guidance, and there is no benefit to overwhelming ourselves with information. Quality over quantity and whatnot. Plus, narrowing your focus helps you get clear on what matters to you most.

What if I don't agree with my reading report?

Your reading should leave you feeling satisfied and empowered, so if something doesn’t land for you, definitely comment in your Google doc or send me an email so we can clear things up.

What are the best questions to ask?

What do you most want to know? Keeping in mind that guides do not predict the future (hi, free will), but rather offer truth and wisdom, I suggest starting with phrases like, “How can I…” and “What does it look like if I choose…” and “What is the best way for me to…”

For a more complete guide to asking ideal questions, check out the Resources page. (coming soon)

Do spirit guide readings conflict with religion?

In a word, no. To quote my own guides, “Love is expansive and all encompassing and unlimited and compatible with all belief systems.”

They also said: “Jesus is real and his teachings are commendable and worthy of study. What you term as god and the holy spirit is far vaster than we can convey in English language, and yet so simple as to be in every cell of your body and every glimmer of your knowing. It is love, in all ways, always. And so connecting with us is a more direct way of accessing this energy of love and abundance, and you need not be afraid.”

Curious to find out what truth and wisdom your spirit guides have to offer?

It’s never too soon to feel better

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